Belasting aangifte doen op een 64-bit Debian machine

Ik heb pasgeleden proberen aangifte inkomstenbelasting 2012 d.m.v. de 'gz download' te doen op mijn 64-bit Debian Wheezy machine, maar dat bleek niet te werken.
Maar ik heb ook de oplossing ervoor gevonden en die zal ik hieronder beschrijven.

Installing and configuring MySQL on Debian

A lot of (web-)applications store their data in a database and MySQL is quite often used for that. From a security perspective it is advisable to create a separate database and database-user per application. In this blog post I'll describe how to install and configure the MySQL server on a Debian system and then how to create a database and database-user for use by an application.

Linux file system tips & tricks

Recently I upgraded one of my Drupal installations and also took the opportunity to tighten security. While doing that, I came across a number of issues and found a solution to them. What I then realized is that those solutions didn't pertain to Drupal itself, but to the underlying file system and where therefor applicable to a far wider range of situations.

In order to preserve that knowledge I'm blogging about it, with an added benefit that it could help someone else too :-)

Reducing the size of your VirtualBox virtual disk file

When you've used a virtual machine for a while, adding/removing packages/files/etc your virtual disk may occupy a lot more space then is needed to hold the current contents. In order to reclaim that wasted space, you can shrink/compact your virtual disk so that it takes (a lot) less space on your host. The VirtualBox CLI interface has a command for that:

vboxmanage modifyhd <yourvirtualdiskfile>.vdi --compact

But in order to get some real results you need to prepare your guest first and in this blog I'll show you how.

Creating a VirtualBox image with a Debian guest

Whenever I want to experiment with Debian, I like to make a virtual machine (VM) with VirtualBox to do so. It's not hard to do so by using it's GUI. But I configure the hardware usually in the same way, so that's a candidate for automation. Fortunately VirtualBox supports that through the vboxmanage command. In this blog, I'll show you how to do that with a bash script.

Update an iso with jigdo

From time to time Debian has a new point release, which is an update to their stable version.
The current stable release is 5.0 with codename Lenny and recently Debian was updated from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5.
I have both the i386 as the amd64 image of DVD 1 of that release, so now I want to update both iso images from version 5.0.4 to 5.0.5. I could download both iso image via the website, but that would make me download 2 x 4.4 GB. While not a problem, there is an other way to get those image to version 5.0.5 and it uses jigdo.

Enable secure email communication in Tomcat

When you want to use secure email communication in Nexus, you need to tell Java where to find the appropriate key.
In my case, I was using a non-official certificate to my mail host (I use dreamhost).
So what needed to be done is obtain and 'trust' the server's public key.

In order to get the public key, you need to make a connection to it from a terminal:
$ openssl s_client -connect

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